Upper Arm Reduction



The treatment of excess skin and fat of the upper arms as a result of gastric bypass, significant weight loss or skin and fatty excess.

Surgery: Outpatient
Est. Surgery Time: 1.5 - 2 Hours
Recovery: No heavy lifting, resume normal activity in 4 weeks.
Post-Surgical Care: Compression wraps for several weeks
Est. Recovery Time: Resume normal activity in 4 weeks


An Upper Arm Reduction, also known as a Brachioplasty, is the treatment of excess skin and fat of the upper arms. Upper arm reduction presents unique challenges to both patients and physicians alike. Whether it be in sleeveless or short sleeve clothes the upper arm excess is almost impossible to hide. Individuals who have had gastric bypass and significant weight loss are commonly great candidates for these procedures. However, anyone with skin or fatty excess that has been resistant to diet and exercise would benefit from a consultation. As surgeons we are called upon to make the surgical correction of the arms as inconspicuous as possible. In patients with tight, elastic skin oftentimes liposuction alone is the remedy. As the skin loosens it may need to be surgically tightened to achieve the desired results. How long the incisions are and how they are oriented is determined bye the degree of skin laxity. Sometimes the incision is hidden in the armpit and sometimes the incision needs to be placed down the backside of the arm.

The Upper Arm Reduction Consultation

During the consultation an assessment of both the skin and fat is made. Anticipated outcomes are reviewed. If incisions are required a discussion on how best to minimize or camouflage them is also had. Representative pre and post operative photos are reviewed.