Mommy Makeover



The term Mommy Makeover has crept into the Plastic Surgery vocabulary in recent years.  It doesn’t refer to specific procedures but more to the approach to post-childbearing changes in both the breasts and abdomen.

Surgery: Outpatient
Est. Surgery Time: 3 - 4 Hours
Post-surgical: Drains (if necessary) for 7 - 10 days
Est. Recovery Time: 4 weeks to return to strenuous activity


Either with or without breast feeding the breasts will tend to lose volume and shape post pregnancy.  Sometimes a breast lift alone will suffice, sometimes some additional volume in the form of an implant will be needed.

In the abdomen, pregnancy not only affects the skin but the underlying muscles as well. Our approach to this area depends on the extent of those anatomic changes.  Liposuction or some form of Tummy Tuck is usually recommended.

The Mommy Makeover Consultation

To determine the most appropriate procedure or combination of procedures (including Coolsculpting®) requires a thorough evaluation starting with goals and expectations.  Where do you want to end up and how do we get there?  Secondly, we perform an examination focusing on the skin quality, fatty distribution and muscle tone.  A review of your medical history and any medications is then carried out.  A plan specific for you is then developed including surgery specifics, costs, recovery, etc.