Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction

Following their surgery, Breast Reduction patients are some of the happiest patients in our practice.  After years of neck, back and shoulder pain, skin rashes, poorly fitting clothes and trouble exercising the surgery opens up a whole new world.

Surgery: Outpatient
Est. Surgery Time: 3 Hours
Recovery: Walking is encouraged right away
Post-Surgical Care: Light dressing and a surgical bra
Est. Recovery Time: 3-4 weeks to return to strenuous activity


A Breast Reduction is a procedure to remove excess breast tissue to reduce the size and weight of the breasts.

The procedure has both medical and cosmetic benefits as it simultaneously reduces and lifts the breasts.  These considerations account for the location of the incisions and every effort is made to make them as short as possible. The final size and shape is meant to be proportional to your height and frame size.

The Breast Reduction Consultation

A thorough discussion of your desires and anticipated outcomes is the first step in the consultation process.  An examination of the breasts to evaluate symmetry, balance and skin quality follows.  After a review of your medical history and medications a specific plan is devised.  This plan includes the most appropriate surgical option, costs involved, etc.